Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Most Beautiful (Black) Woman

People magazine has named Beyoncé as the World's Most Beautiful Woman for 2012.  The 30-year-old singer tops the magazine's annual list of the "World's Most Beautiful" in a special double issue. The announcement was made Wednesday (4/25/12).

Before you continue reading, I must issue a disclaimer; I am NOT a Beyoncé fan, by any means.   This post is to bring a certain issue to my reader’s attention.  As People editor Janet Mock notes it’s the “first time in 9 years that a black woman lands this coveted cover.” In 2003, Halle Berry was named World’s Most Beautiful Woman; she and Beyoncé are the only two Black women to hold the honor in 22 years.

I guess you are thinking, I should be grateful a Black woman got the honor this year, because it shows progress.  But I must admit, this isn't so exciting for a couple of reasons.  Number 1, Beyoncé and Halle Berry are light skinned Black women.  Number 2, both women are of mixed races.  Let me explain why this is important.  

These two women have features that are more Caucasian than African American.  Case in point, Beyoncé is a blonde (not naturally, but never the less.)  They both have narrow noses and thin, long faces.  Some people (Hollywood especially) think Caucasian features are more attractive.

Golden Ratio mask
Don't believe me.  There is science to back up my claim.  Dr. Stephen R. Marquardt is a Southern Californian doctor who researched whether there truly is a way to use the Golden Ratio to measure the perfect face everybody is attracted to. He used the Golden Ratio to create a grid-like face mask that held the perfect measurements of Phi.  The mask only applied to Caucasian people. When put over the face of say an African-American or Asian person--it didn't fit.  To  learn more about the Golden Ratio click here.  

Alek Wek
courtesy: Google Images
So when People Magazine says 'see, we think Black women are beautiful too,' I just shake my head.  Call me when you put South Sudanese British model Alek Wek on the cover and call her one of the most beautiful women in the world. 

Now this year, First Lady Michele Obama did make the list.  But if you want to say you truly gave a Black woman, with traditionally African American features, the title of "Most Beautiful" the FLOTUS should have made the cover.  
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